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  1. The basis for starting the recording is selecting and paying for a given offer on the website using the selected payment method.

  2. The text to be recorded should be entered in the appropriate field when executing the order. If the ordering party does not fill in the field with the text, then the text should be sent along with the payment confirmation to the e-mail address:  The customer should  include, in addition to the text itself, interpretative guidelines (phonetic pronunciation of foreign words, abbreviations and characteristic words).

  3. The deadlines for the realization of the recordings are 48 working hours. In the case of many orders, this time may be extended by another 48 hours, but in this case the customer will be informed about the delay. 

  4. Corrections that were caused by the teacher are free of charge, while substantive corrections after recording are payable (e.g. change of the text, voiceover, etc.). Their height depends on the chosen teacher and the complexity of the technical aspect of the material being corrected.

  5. In the case of advertising spots - when the production has not been approved - the change of music is free

  6. The material is sent to the client by e-mail in the form of mp3 files  (voice-over recordings - mono - mp3 128kb, other productions - stereo - mp3 256 kb) in one file. Changes of sounds to other formats and division into files require additional arrangements.

  7. Standard period of rights to use sound in the media - 1 year, telephone announcements - without time limits, multimedia presentations - without time limits, other forms and extension - prices set individually.

  8. The prices given in the price list are net prices. In the case of presentations / films - prices referring to the number of pages, 1 page is understood as an A4 page, 1800 characters without spaces. Longer and non-standard recordings - prices set individually. The prices presented on the website are net values and are not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

  9. In case of any doubts as to the valuation of the material prepared for recording, Dawid Kubiak  reserves the right to inspect it in order to accurately and finally determine its price.

  10. Dawid Kubiak has the right to refuse to accept the material for production without giving a reason.

  11. Dawid Kubiak has the right to withdraw from production (even during its duration). In this case, the Ordering Party will not be charged with any production costs. Dawid Kubiak  is not responsible for losses caused by withdrawal from production.

  12. Dawid Kubiak is not responsible for the failure to deliver the material due to reasons beyond the control of Dawid Kubiak.

  13. Dawid Kubiak is not responsible for the content of the production (this is always the responsibility of the customer - regardless of the circumstances).

  14. The Ordering Party undertakes to check and confirm the receipt of the production within 3 working days after the production has been sent (made available) by Dawid Kubiak. If no objections are submitted within this period, it is tantamount to acceptance and final acceptance of the production. Dawid Kubiak shall not be liable for any losses (cost of recording emission cassettes, cost of the campaign, etc.) resulting from the Client's failure to verify the correctness of the recorded text / spot - with the script.

  15. Objections to the production should be reported in writing within 3 days from the date of making the sound available. Otherwise, Dawid Kubiak is not obliged to make corrections.

  16. The Ordering Party has the right to emit the sound immediately after receiving it (before paying for the production), but is aware that failure to pay within the prescribed period may result in a financial penalty (referred to in point 19).

  17. Failure to pay the amount due for the recording in a timely manner is equivalent to the loss of the rights to distribute the sound (from the moment of its production). In the case of emission or any use of the sound without rights - a fine of up to 30 times the price of the ordered sound may be imposed on the client.

  18. In the event of non-payment, Dawid Kubiak submits information about the receivables (along with the penalty - referred to in point 19) to the NATIONAL DEBT REGISTER / BIG - then Dawid Kubiak transfers the case to court and bailiff proceedings.

  19. The Principal agrees to the processing of his data for archiving purposes Dawid Kubiak.

  20. If required by the production process, the client agrees to be contacted by phone.

  21. The client agrees to the recording and archiving of telephone calls - during which important production arrangements are made.

  22. Orders can be paid by: cash, bank transfer, PayPal or a link to quick payments. 

  23. Complaints for production should be submitted by e-mail to the following address:  The deadline for considering the complaint is 5 business days.

The regulations are valid from 22  July  2020.

Company: Dawid Kubiak

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